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Why You Need Us

When disaster strikes your property, whether home or business, and often without warning, one of the most difficult tasks you face is that of establishing priorities. Most people have great difficulty coping at this time of confusion. At time like this, your first priority should be to retain the services of competent professionals who can handle all the details of your claim on your behalf, Superior Adjusters, whose sole objective is to get you the maximum recovery to which you are entitled. By removing these burdens, you will then be free to devote yourself to getting your life back in order.

Offering complete, personalized service, our goal is to protect the financial interests of families and businesses.

"So many people and businesses think that an insurance company's response is final, no matter how minimal their offer is," Schlesinger says. "A number of policies may actually afford you additional coverages you may not be aware of without competent help."

Superior Adjusters fills the gap. We will address your concerns about your loss, prioritize your immediate needs, like housing, business relocation, etc., and analyze your policy for any coverage questions. We will prepare the inventory and building estimates, meet with the insurance company representative, and gather all necessary documentation needed to complete your claim.

A typical insurance policy contains hundreds of provisions and stipulations, constantly changing forms and endorsements. Most policy holders don’t know the policy requirements. Even a basic requirement, such as failing to report a loss in a timely manner, could result in a claim being denied. We know the insurance business and are familiar with all procedures and have all the expertise to handle your claim expeditiously.

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