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Destroyed house

Helpful Tips to Protect Your Property

  • Photograph your home or business from inside and out; save photographs in a safe or remote electronic location.
  • Photograph antiques and all valuable items and store in a safe or remote electronic location.
  • Always save receipts for items over a few hundred dollars.
  • Always unplug toasters, electric kettles, hair dryers, etc. after use.
  • Appraise jewelry, silver, fine art, furs. Have them insured and scheduled.
  • Inventory your entire home and store it in a safe or download (this could be very helpful in the event of a total loss; most of the time it is very difficult to reconstruct what you had in the house)
  • Always make sure you have the right coverage:
    • For homeowners, request replacement cost value, sewer and water back-up coverage, and additional living expenses from your agent.
    • For businesses, request replacement cost value, agreed amount without a co-insurance clause. If your agent tells you he can't give you an agreed amount, then make sure the replacement value is correct, otherwise you will have a co-insurance penalty, off-premises, other locations, in transit, just to name a few.

We will review your policy and advise if you have right policy and adequate coverage for your needs.